Problem with sass

I am tried to overwrite on scss code depending on
:Learn Bootstrap 5 and SASS by Building a Portfolio Website - Full Course - YouTube - this tutorial but I can’t effect on this value that I wanna change and this is my GitHub repo GitHub - Yousef-abdelwahed/Portfolio-with-sass: protfolio with scss and node js

Please explain exactly what you are trying to do and what isn’t working.

Push all the code to the repo, we need to see the SASS files. Also, remove (and gitignore) the node_modules folder from the repo.

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thanks for your interest my problem is I can’t overwrite on bootstrap variables like [$primary (color)] I want to change the default value but it’s not working with me.
please check the below repo link

Import the functions before the variable overrides.

Finally, i discovered the problem that I want to access data from the extended file _custom because I have a mistake in @use module I should use @use “…/node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss” with ( and write my code there ) or use @import but through official sass documentation @import rule will be deprecated at futuer

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