Problem with sending an html project via email

Hello again. i recently created a simple calculator using html and CSS as an assignment. I tried sending the calculator html file via email. The recipient who received my email wasn’t satisfied with my work as the working calculator model (created with html and CSS codes with the help of Notepad) was not at all working and does not look like a complete assignment. Please help me in solving this problem without further complications.


It’s not an easy guess without having those two files, but maybe:

  • You did not attach the CSS file to the email
  • The url to the CSS file leads to a specific directory which cannot be found when someone has the files in the same folder
  • The web browser of the recipient cannot process the CSS properly

Firstly put your project inside a folder and check if the project is working properly. Then create a zip file of the folder then send the zip file via email.

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