Problem with test expected answer?

For this challenge:
Basic JavaScript: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments
Test passes only with positive integers, but numbers also include negatives and decimals, the function should also work with string literals.
Anyhow, good stuff so far, thank you freecodecamp. Ironically (since I’m here to learn web programming), I find this site a little unintuitive to use. This is my first post, after realizing I had to use separate logins for forum and learn, and now I have no idea how to log out!?? Am I too old for this? No I’m not! I just found the log out button - yay!

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Do you have a link to the problem in question and an example of input that you think should pass and doesn’t or that doesn’t pass that you think it should?

OK, so it’s this one.

The instructions are very clear:

  1. Call the function with two numbers as arguments.

So, yes, the test should pass if you call it with negative or numbers… But it should not be able to pass if you pass it a string, because that is not what the instructions tell you to do. The function may work for that, but that is not what you were asked to do. Part of being a developer is paying very close attention to instructions.

But you’re right that the instructions don’t match what the test asserts. We should either change the test assertion of adjust the instructions.

I created an issue for this. Thanks for finding this.