Problem with tests

So here is my project - for this challenge

I don’t know why it keeps failing test #5 and #6. Seems to me that everything is working fine, but it’s not passing tests. Please help me understand what am I doing wrong here. Thx!

It’s the new version of the library that is causing it to fail. If you import it instead it will pass (remember to remove the lib from the JS section in the settings).

import * as marked from "";

BTW, your code looks an awful lot like the example code just with a few changes.

thx for the reply) Actually, I haven’t copied any code from the example. Just trying to make the copy of the example by myself to see if I can make the app with similar functionality (doing this makes debugging easier), then I change things if needed.

Not sure what you are saying here. Are you saying you did copy the code or not? I know you said you didn’t, but then what you said next confuses me.

I just find it highly improbable that your code would look the way it does if it wasn’t from looking at (or copying from) the example code. You have the same structure just moved around a bit, you have the same order of components and binding with almost the same names, you are using the same ternary just with different class names. When I do a code diff it pretty much looks like a refactor of the example code.

I’m just letting you know this because it is against the Academic Honesty Policy to copy code. Also, you just won’t learn as much if you copy code so it isn’t in your best interest anyway.

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