Problem with text wrapping on Technical documentation page

Hi all - I am having problems getting code block in the final section (just above the reference) to wrap inside of the main container when I move to mobile view.

ANy ideas ? I have tried over-flow wrap and word wrap…

Screenshot 2022-05-06 16.25.11

Technical Documentation page

Your code for me isn’t doing what the image shows, although the text that goes over the line in your image is very small on my end. Did you get it the way you want it?

Hi thanks for your reply! The problem is when it is in mobile view (i just changed the size of the window) when the block of code is too long for the screen size

Using the developer tools and just resizing the window I cannot get it to look like the screenshot you posted. Do you think you could send a full screenshot of the window so I can get a better idea of how small you’re making the window?

Ah ok found my own solution on stack overflow

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i think you should check on w3 school that might be helpful

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