Problem with the boss

Hi guys. I’m here to ask you for advice regarding a working relationship with my boss. Basically my boss assigns me tasks the day after the day before tells me that everything is fine that everything is well done by showing him the layout I have chosen to carry out this particular task by showing him the logic I used in the program by showing him the database and the queries how I structured them the next day he tells me that everything is fine the next day he tells me that everything sucks. You have already faced this type of problem that you have already faced the fact that it is a person one day I tell you one thing and the next day it tells you everything the opposite or even on the third day it returns to the first solution you had given you have already faced problems like that, you know how to give me a hand because I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m desperate, I don’t know anymore if I’m stupid and I don’t understand or if there’s something else!

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