Problem with the console on Mobile Phone

well i dont know if its just me but the console is starting to fail to update in real time. I would like to know if am the only one facing the problem.

this was not the case a few days ago when i started my javascript course.

if its a problem with my phone then i can find a solution.

please guide me on what to do

There is an issue at the moment with the console not updating, but there is an easy workaround:

  1. Copy your code
  2. Refresh the page (CTRL+F5)
  3. Paste your code

This will refresh the console too. You may need to do this each time the console gets stuck, until you have correct code to pass the challenge.

This issue will hopefully be resolved soon!

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thank you but please get it to somebody responsible to fix this.

it is very discouraging to take ten times the time we are supposed to take.

especially for us new in this field

A fix has already been deployed and should be available soon.

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