Problem with the interpreter of Freecodecamp

I there, i have this problem. I made my this code solution but the problem is that in visual studio interpreter the code i have made works perfectly but in the FCC interpreter doesnt work, i dont know. the logic it is good i think, and the interpreter of FCC get stuck, like freezed, if i would have a looping problem but i dont have it, it is frustrating because it makes me lose my time when i have founded the solution already. here i let the code.

________________Smallest Common Multiple

function smallestCommons(arr) {
 /*Determinate wich number its bigger to make an Array of numbers between them*/
  var firstNum=arr[0];       
  var secondNum=arr[1];
  var arrTestedNum=[];
  if(firstNum >= secondNum){
    for (var i=1; i<firstNum+1; i++){
    for (var j=1; j<secondNum+1; j++){
  /*Read the Array of numbers to multiply them and find a commun multiple*/
  var factor = arrTestedNum.length+1;
  var power = false;
   var arrResult =[];
   for(var g=0; g<arrTestedNum.length; g++){
    var notInteger=[];
    for(var a=0; a<arrResult.length; a++){
      if(Number.isInteger(arrResult[a])=== false){
    power = true;
      factor ++;
     }//end of the while


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