Problem with User story #7 Challenge: Build a Portfolio

So I am having a lot of trouble getting past through User story #7 on Build a Portfolio and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong exactly. I searched around the internet aswell but no use.
This is the link of my project (I know my use of coding is really poor but I am a beginner so I don’t really know how to use html codes properly):

I would love to see a solution and an advice on how to solve future problems aswell if possible.

I’m having the exact same issue, I had no problems with the navbar links in previous projects so I’m really confused and can’t seem to find any answers. :confused: I don’t see an issue with yours, do you happen to see any problems with mine?

The only problem (for both of you) is that you don’t have enough content on the page yet, so the page doesn’t scroll (which is something the tests need to verify that your links are working).

If you add this to your CSS, the tests will pass:

#welcome-section {
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I can’t thank you enough for that, lesson learned!

Happy to help, keep coding :v:

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