Problem with variables and document.write in JavaScript

Hello everyone, I created variables and I wanted to display data from variables with document.write. The problem is when I run the code with one of the browsers it doesn’t show me anything. I am a beginner in JavaScript and every tip and suggestion will mean a lot to me. Here is my code

<!Doctype html>



<meta charset="UTF-8">



<script type="text/javascript">

var x=r;

var y=1510;







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r is undefined. If you want to write the letter “r” it should be in quotes var x = "r";

Anyway, I would not suggest using document.write.

Look into DOM manipulation and all the different ways of getting elements, creating elements, and updating elements.

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Hi @sajo

You should create a name variable that makes sense, as well strings with quotes with a specific name like:

var myString = "myLetterString";  // with quotes around to identify a string letter.
window.document.write(myString); // output  --> myLetterString

I suggest you try to do console.log() to see any output. Also like @JeremyLT it’s better not to write document.write might run into a remove existing strings. and better to do DOM manipulation.

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Thanks guys you help me a lot. :slight_smile: