Problem with VueJS Components in VS Code


I’m trying to learn about Components in VueJS and I ran into a problem that I’m stuck on for a couple of hours now…

I’m a rookie level so it’s probably something silly, but any help from you guys will be much appreciated.

What I’m trying to do is to create a component in VueJS ( with Vue.component(); ), so that I create my custom tag, like this:

For some reason, this code only spits out the “Data Title”, but not the component in line 11 HTML.

Where do you think the problem is?

Thank you.


I managed to make it work by lowercasing the name of component in the Vue.component(nameOfComponent{template: '}) function.

When the name of the component was ‘myTag’ (as shown above), it didn’t render.
As soon as I changed it to ‘mytag’ it rendered without any issues.

Is this some general rule I wasn’t aware of, or is there something wrong with my VS Code?