Problem with wordpress

i know it is not the place to ask this question,but i tried everywhere but failed to get any answer, so please help me.

i can’t write new posts or edit the old ones,this problem is with page and post

when i try to edit or make new post or page in wordpress,then the area where we write post is not working correctly.
I login to my dashboard
then i click on post , add new
when the page open i doesn’t show the cursor or old post , instead it shows a white blank page in the post area , while there is a post that i have already written working on my site, the only problem is in backend.

i know its very difficult to understand what i am saying but the problem is complicated to tell ……Basically the area where we write post or page is not working the way it should , it is not showing any previous post nor letting me write new posts.instead it just show blank page…but the post are live on my website ,so the only problem is in backend of wordpress. i hope you understand.

i had tried everything,(disabling plugins ,clearing cache etc.)
i am using 4.9.8 version

here is the screenshot

Inspect it in the browser html/css inspector and check what’s going on with the form.

i didn’t understand it but here is the screenshot

The form itself, not its containing div.

how can i solve the issue

Hello @atishay

In step 2 why did you click on “add new”?

This is suppose to open up a blank post/page edit window where you can create a new post or page.

Instead if you want to edit an existing post:

  1. click on posts on the left side admin menu
  2. find the post to edit
  3. hover your mouse over the post title
  4. click edit, the first option in the popped up menu

Your edit window will open with the existing post content already filled in.