Problem with working from home for a foreign company

Hello there campers !

I think I have a big problem. I realized this not very long ago.
I obviously want to become a developer but preferably for a foreign company that’s not in my country.
The problem is that I don’t have a bank account because of capital controls in my country ( Greece ).
I can’t get one if I don’t start a job here in Greece or go to the military because I’m still an undergraduate student.
For you people who work freelance or have a job like that (or know someone who does) do you know if it is possible for me to make a bank account in another country or somehow online and get paid from there? The reason I don’t want to work for a company here in Greece is because it pays inexperienced front end devs 400$ per month max as far as I’ve seen.

You might wanna try Payoneer. Trusted platform used widely by freelancers for payment and online transfers.

Maybe you could start a business account.
Foreign banks should work, but they may require extra documentation. All usually want a proof of some income.

What you could also do, albeit extreme, is check out Estonia. You can become their citizen online and get a bunch of benefits like being able to do business and open a bank account.


Hi, can you provide usa online bank account. This enables the bank to accept payments from individuals and legal entities in the United States, Direct Deposit - ACH. Also you get US VISA, Mastercard.

Offtopic. Are you serious? I can go online? Where. This website states that I need to reside, and speak the language to get citizenship.

No I cant even start a business account either. It’s all because of the economical crisis here. Thank you very much for your suggestions though!

This looks great actually! Do you maybe know of payoneer payments provide a valid proof of income? I mean can I go in a bank and prove to them through those payments that I have an income online so that they can open an account for me?

Wait what? I can have a bank account and MasterCard of USA without being a USA citizen?

Yes, with my help. Contact me

It’s residency, not citizenship:
Requires one in-person visit to the bank, for the account, the rest is fully online.

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yea, I figured it out. Actually you never need to goto a bank. You do everything electronically. Its your electronic signature.

Very interesting . Thank you very much !