Problem with yelp api and chart the stock market

hello everyone,

i have started the last challenges in the backend certificate but i have a probleme with two challenges,

1] to use the yelp api i need to register but the problem is it does not let me, it displays this error,
“Oops, Yelp is overworked right now.”, this has been happening all week, and when i tried signing up with facebook, it displayed this error “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again.”.
i did some reasearch and some recommend using a proxy. WHY? (can you recommend me a safe one? thx).

2] the second is that to display a chart i need a life api, most that i find are paid, or no longer supported like googles and yahoo. so what do i do here???

thank you for your patience and keep hacking.

i really need some help
yelp still does not let me sign up.

You should contact Yelp support as there’s nothing anyone here can do to help you. A proxy would help if Yelp is blocked by your ISP or government.

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Here is the stock price API that I used: Quandl End of Day Stock Prices

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