Problema con los Selectores de CSS

He intentado varias alternativas para este paso de el curso y no logro que me salga correcto. cual seria la solucion y porque?

Don’t use a colon where the #logo tag is. Try writing it in a way that uses element#id instead.

(I’m sorry, you might have to Google translate this; I don’t know Spanish)

@Eesa dont worry, i understand a little of english. but i can’t use img#logo because doesn’t work

Can I have the link to the challenge you are having trouble with?

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yes, take it

Try just #logo. That might work.

#logo {
	width: max(100px, 18vw);

that worked, ty <3

You’re welcome @00Ssam00 . If I was helpful, would you please mark my answer as a solution? Thank you so much, I would appreciate it.

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