Probleme in a test

there is a big diffrence !! and it is the same test
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please if i just don’t undertand it tell me :slightly_smiling_face:

What about var a = 5 , etc ?

The tests match the description?? You haven’t fulfilled any of the conditions (ie you haven’t done anything), so all the tests fail

Yes you are 100% correct. The instructions and description of the unit-tests are different and therefore there is a bug here. However if you follow the instructions you will be fine (you will pass the tests even though they say something different).

Check on github to see if there is an open issue for this already. If not , feel free to open one.
here is the link

They aren’t, the instructions match the tests. The bit where it says do not change code below this line, that provides the values for the tests, the OP still has to change the code above there to match the instructions.

ah I see what you mean. The misunderstanding then is in the word ‘evaluated’ versus ‘initialized’.

In the instructions we are told to ‘initialize’ a to 5 for eg. which is what we do.
But the unit-tests evaluates a to be equal to 6 (thanks to the code at the end).

Thanks for clarifying that. Hopefully this resolves it for @Juba-codeur as well.

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Thank you :smiley: for your response .