Problems Accessing Account


I’ve been working through the exercises and projects but have just been using a link from my email to login to my account. However the link I used in the past now redirects to a 404 page. I didn’t set up an account with my email so I can’t reset my password (I never set a password in the first place).

Any idea on how I can get access to my old account or am I out of luck and have to start over?

It sounds like you never created an account. Creating an account requires an email address.

I didn’t create an account but I was using passwordless authentification to login via a link in my email. Can I convert whatever account was being used there to a regular account somehow?

Edit: I should note I’ve been working through the lessons on

The beta version of the site is just for beta testing. Those accounts are not in the same database as Free Code Camp accounts.


ah, ouch that hurts. I’ve finished ~199 lessons in the beta version. Well at least I learned now and not 400 lessons in. :slight_smile:

Remember that only the challenges marked with a * are required, so you don’t have to redo them all.


ah, thank you! That will save me some time. :smile: