Problems using JSON via PHP to access openweather-API

Hello ,

I am trying to access the openweather-API. Most of the data I can access, but just some I can’t - for example the “description”:

$currDataPolled          = file_get_contents("");
$currUvIndexPolled       = file_get_contents("");
$parsedCurrData          = json_decode($currDataPolled);
$parsedcurrUvIndex       = json_decode($currUvIndexPolled);
//getting values to vars
$location                = $parsedCurrData->{'name'};
$currTemp                = $parsedCurrData->{'main'}->{'temp'};
$currHumid               = $parsedCurrData->{'main'}->{'humidity'};
//$currPressure          = $parsedCurrData->{'main'}->{'pressure'};
$currDescription         = $parsedCurrData->{'weather'}->{'0'}->{'description'};//->{'id'};
$currUv                  = $parsedcurrUvIndex->{'value'};
echo $currDescription."<br />\n";

In the webbrowser the API-call results this:

  "coord": {
    "lon": 11.43,
    "lat": 48.26
  "weather": [
      "id": 500,
      "main": "Rain",
      "description": "Leichter Regen",
      "icon": "10n"
  "base": "stations",
  "main": {
    "temp": 16.66,
    "pressure": 1014,
    "humidity": 93,
    "temp_min": 15,
    "temp_max": 18

Is it maybe because of the “[” and “]” ?

Thank your very much!

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Thank you for editing and the explanation.

In the meantime I found the solution: I did not recognize “weather” as an array. This worked:

$currDescription         = $parsedCurrData->weather[0]->description;