Problems with addEventListener

So, in footer I made 2 animated buttons, one to scroll to bottom, and one to display a message with alert(). They both are not working, I think that the problem is in the addEventListener, but there may be some mistakes in css.
Here is the JS snippet:

var scrollToTopBtn = document.getElementById("scrollToTopBtn");
var rootElement = document.documentElement;

function scrollToTop() {
    top: 0,
    behavior: "smooth"
document.getElementById("scrollToTopBtn").scrollToTopBtn.addEventListener("click", scrollToTop);

var clickAlert = document.getElementById("alermic");
function clickerman(){
  alert("Realizat de Plămădeală Maxim.");

clickAlert.addEventListener("click", clickerman);

And here is my codepen:

  1. Check the id.
var btnContainer = document.getElementById("myDIV");

<div class="dropdown" id="myDIV1">
  1. This is malformed.
  .scrollToTopBtn.addEventListener("click", scrollToTop);

You call addEventListener on what getElementById returns.

You already got the element here in the above code.

var scrollToTopBtn = document.getElementById("scrollToTopBtn");

So you just call it on that element.

scrollToTopBtn.addEventListener("click", scrollToTop);
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still not working. maybe there is another problem

You did not fix the first problem with the id.

there are 2 IDs for two pages, therefore myDIV is for the main page which I have not included in my codepen, and myDIV1 is for PHP, but I don’t think that this is the problem

Well, it is the problem in the Codepen because you are querying for an id on an element that doesn’t exist.


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