Problems with Citrix, and for the Local Weather App

I finally was able to figure out how to get the API call to work, but of course there’s a new issue…
I work in a Citrix environment at work and want to work on my project while at work (currently not working as a developer). However, due to Citrix I am not able to get a response with

How do I get around this? Here is a link to my project it does work at home, I can provide console log info if that helps.

Thank you in advance!

Hey there. I did my the way the first time around. I had to rewrite with a different api eventually. I highly recommend this free API:

Here is a link to my app that uses it.

I had the same issue when doing the challenges put in front of your API URL and it should work as expected :slight_smile:

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Works like a charm! Thank you so much, I got downvoted on Reddit R/LearnProgramming for asking a similar question… some people… Do you happen to know why this happens with Citrix?

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So to be honest I don’t know what Citrix is, I had problems with the proxy you mentioned when you first wrote this post - I know the proxy I mentioned worked and hoped it’d work for you. Communities like Stackoverflow and Reddit kinda suck for beginners- you get downvoted because they don’t want to help newbies. But this forum is welcoming, as always let us know if you need anything else :slight_smile: