Problems with fill cell in grid: Amcharts + React Grid Layout

I have complicated problem. I am trying to build customizable dashboard. On one page will be view with charts (I am using amcharts 5). Charts should be resizeable - for this purpose I am using React-Grid-Layout. I want to achieve resizeable charts - should fill container, doesn’t matter how big will be. But I can’t. I can change size of cell, but charts still has sam size (or change only width). I tried with some custom hooks, forward ref passed to Graph element, width.clientHeight and much more. I tried flows:

  • resize child → change parent size -resize parent → change child size I used different css properties in material ui - inherit, fit-content. Charts is render as a canvas - it can be a problem. My another idea was pass numer as a prop to ReactGridLayout - to rowHeight. I have no idea what I can do more. Please take a look on my code in sandbox. sparkling-smoke-fcjt8 - CodeSandbox

Thanks in advance guys. Cheers.

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