Problems with Generate Radom Whole numbers within a range

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Dear All,
Good afternoons,
I have a question about the following function:
I do understand the usage of Math.floor and Math.random but i don´t understand this part specifically:

(ourMax - ourMin + 1 ) + ourMin;
i know the ranges are ourMax and ourMin but what does the + 1 means ? and why we add a + ourMin?

I will appreciate and thank you all so much all the advises and orientation you can provide,
thank you all in advance for your kind reply,

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// Example
function ourRandomRange(ourMin, ourMax) {

return Math.floor(Math.random() * (ourMax - ourMin + 1)) + ourMin;

ourRandomRange(1, 9);

// Only change code below this line.

function randomRange(myMin, myMax) {

return Math.floor(Math.random() * (myMax - myMin + 1 )) + myMin

// Change these values to test your function
var myRandom = randomRange(5, 15);

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Challenge: Generate Random Whole Numbers within a Range

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ourMax - ourMin + 1 gives the length of the range. for example if you want a random number between 5 and 7, you can get any between 5, 6, and 7, so 3 numbers: 7 - 5 + 1 is 3.
Math.random() gives a number between 0 (included) and 1 (excluded)
so Math.floor(Math.random() * 3) will give 0, 1 or 2. to get a number in the range you need to add 5 (ourMin)

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Thank you.

Dear @ieahleen,
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I thank you so much for the orientation
and kind reponse, :slight_smile:
Now i feel i understand more this chapter, thank you for your time and help,
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The reason we add 1 to the difference between ourMin and ourMax is because Math.random() generates a number from 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive). In other words, Math.random() might generate 0, but it will never generate 1. If we don’t add 1 to ourMax - ourMin, then we will never get a number greater than or equal to ourMax and when we put that result in Math.floor() then the largest number that the function can generate is ourMax -1.

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Dear @ArielLeslie,
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:slight_smile: thank you for the kidness and your time in explaining me
the usage of the value 1, i appreciate it!!!
Have a Blessed day,
Kind regards and i thank you again,

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!

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