Problems with Practice comparing different values

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Dear All,
Good nights,
I ´m doing the chapter Practice comparing different values,
but sadly i am having problems with the challenge,
could anyone please help me ?
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

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// Setup
function compareEquality ( a, b){
  if (a  === b) { // Change this line
    return " Not Equal ";
  return " Equal ";

// Change this value to test
compareEquality( 10 , " 10 ");

function compareEquality(a, b){
  if (a  === b ){
    return " Not Equal";
  return "Equal";
compareEquality ( "20", 20 );

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What problems are you having ?

the challenge is to learn the difference between == and ===

Dear @J1marotta,
Thanks for the quick reply, i am doing this challenge but it seems that i am
doing something wrong with my code, because always gives me as a result

compareEquality(10, “10”) should return “Not Equal”

compareEquality(“20”, 20) should return “Not Equal”

I know that i should use the strict equality operator and i used it , but i don´t know why i still have the same mistakes.:disappointed:

Do you actually have the function declared twice in your code?

that might be causing the error, try starting again and just changing the equality comparison.

Dear @J1marotta,
I made it, it was a small small change what i never have imagined i could do,
and the challenge was a success, i think i was writting too much things and finally
it was a simple change that should have done , i thank you for your advise,
and i am happy happy now :slightly_smiling_face:
have a wonderful night,
Kind regards,

glad to hear you did it!