Problems with product landing page


I try to do a product landing page, but it does not show the form section, in which the user can write and submit his/her email. It shows nothing under the header area. Only the header area is shown and nothing else.

How could I correct it? Here is my work so far:

The form is being placed right under the header. Your header position is fixed so the browser doesn’t take it into account when you place new objects. You have to move down your form. I did it like this:


But I’m quite sure there are lots of more elegants ways to solve this. Maybe using top or margin-top.

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Ok thanks a lot :grinning: That really was the issue.

I try to get the e-mail input line/box (the one with the grey background color) and the submit-button to the same line using Flexbox (and display: flex;), but there is something which bothers it/prevents it. What could I change so that they are on the same line?