Problems with submitting answers to JQuery challenges

Hello, long time lurker, first time poster.

freeCodeCamp has always worked very well for me and anytime I swore I was right and an answer wasn’t being accepted, it turned out I was mistaken. But now I’m starting on the JQuery section, so it’s fairly simple and straightforward so far, and multiple answers are not being accepted. I’ve even copy and pasted from the answers section and it still won’t be accepted. Only after I reset the code and refresh the page multiple times then it will just accept my answer at random (the exact same answer it was previously not accepting). Anybody else experiencing this? If relevant, I’m using Firefox on Linux Mint

I had a similar problem (under Win10, Firefox) with some jQuery Challenges, but it mostly took me submitting the solution once or twice, before it accepted it. Maybe a problem with Firefox?

In the end I think it may have been my internet connection, it’s not so great in my apartment. Should’ve used it as an opportunity to look at the console and see what was happening!