Problems with uploading websites

I’m trying to upload a website to the web using filezilla.All the instructions I could find on the internet about filezilla generally told me to open a new site in site manager and enter my domain name in the “Host” field.And of course, all with only one example site.So I can’t figure out how it’d be like when I upload more sites.If I follow those instructions,doesn’t it mean that all the websites I upload to the web will have the completely same url because they all share the same domain name?!I know this is pretty ridiculous and impossible,but as a guy who hasn’t uploaded any website before,that’s all I could imagine!So can anyone show me how to exactly upload each of my websites with a distinct and valid url just like the normal ones we see on the internet?(I know my urls will always be followed by stuff like if I didn’t purchase custom url service or something,but I’m not talking about that.That’s fine for me.)

i can explain to you how it works
1st you pay a host for a domain name and storage. Let’s say you bought
then you upload your files using filezilla our something else
if you have one page and told the meta data it is home it will most look like
if you have more then one page like let’s say a sign-up page
it becomes
each storage is ussualy sticked to 1 domain name
unless you have bought 2 domains and set it to one onto the hosting page

Sorry, I think I didn’t get my questions quite clear.

I just got the sense that(maybe I’m still wrong) buying a domain seems to be the method of uploading websites for people like bloggers,but what I’m looking for is a way that web developers take to upload their CLIENTS’ websites resulting in stuff like,, etc. as all the clients are of different specialities,which is actually what I meant by"distinct urls".So how should I achieve that?

FTP clients like FileZilla allow you to connect to a server remotely. To do so, you need credentials like the server address, a valid FTP user, and its corresponding password.

You can enter those in FileZilla in order to connect to a certain server where you can then upload files (like those of a website). Whether or not anyone is able to access the files with their browser and see the site is dependent on whether you have a domain pointed at it. You can usually configure this in your hosting provider’s management panel. If you have purchased your domain somewhere else, you need to point it at your host’s nameserver first.

On your hosting provider, the domain will point to a certain directory, either the root folder or a subdirectory. Consequently, you can also have several sites in different directories on the same server and have different domains pointed at each one. Alternatively, you may have one site per server, each with its own domain.

Does this answer your question?

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I think it does, thank you nshep!

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My pleasure! Good luck with your site!