Procedure for resetting frozen challenge

Can anyone give us the step by step procedure for resetting the following challenges when they freeze so we can clear them out and start them again and of course have them able to run again.

these are sum all primes and steamroller.

You have created either an infinite loop or infinite recursion.
FCC uses an infinite loop protection, but it can’t catch every case.
The reason that your browser crashes every time you try to load the challenge is because the code in your editor automatically runs. Try disabling auto run.
Another option is to clear the challenge data from your browser cache.

I don’t know how to autorun and i don’t know how i will re enable it when i’ve cleared out the bad code.

I don’t know how to disable autorun then re enable it when i have got the bad code out.

Help I cant understand how I disable autorun

As @ArielLeslie mentioned with this linked in her reply, you can temporarily disable autorun. Please read the information in the link. If you do not understand after reading, explain what part you do not understand.

Just leaving a note since I had the same issue just now and was getting very frustrated since the page would freeze as soon as I refreshed. To get around this I opened an incognito window, signed in again, and solved the problem there making sure to avoid causing an infinite loop this time around. Once you solve it and submit so that it registers to your account, you can close out of the incognito window and go back to the normal window, and it should show up as completed with your new solution if you click on it.

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