Processing JS not available?

Hi everyone!

Recently I used freecodecamp to quickly yet thoroughly learn html, css and javascript. I am making a physics simulation and already finished the code with Processing JS. I want to integrate the Processing JS into my website but I have been having so much trouble as to what to do. Many youtube tutorials wont explain what they did and certainly why they did it.

I hope that freeCodeCamp can add a couple of course about Processing JS and how it impacts web design (also how to add it into an html file). If anyone has any Processing JS resources please let me know, I would love to check them out!

Thank you so much for your time,

The issue you’ve got with Processing is:

  1. it’s designed as a learning environment. The way most examples are coded is not the same as how you’d normally code a JS program – it is designed to drastically simplify things. So most of the examples you’ll see ignore the setup: they are there specifically to teach the actual concepts it’s useful for.
  2. it’s obselete, because there’s a successor library called p5.js, for which there are many examples online of integrating it into your own code. I would strongly advise switching to that

Processing is brilliant thing, I’m not sure whether it fits in FCC – I think the Khan Academy stuff is great, there is a load of stuff on the p5 website, there’s a load of stuff on YouTube – look for Daniel Schiffman (and his book, The Nature of Code, is phenomenal and free online – the Khan Academy course is based on it)

Cool, what’s it about if you don’t mind me asking?