Product documentation feedback

Hellow campers,

am almost completing my product documentation and i would like to hear your suggestion and feedbacks . Thank you.


Hey it looks pretty good.

I would try to align things better like horizontally and vertically centering your headers and items in your navbar.

Also try giving some spaces around. Here is a good link to explain what I mean.


Hey @Abdi1 :smiley:

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Media queries to Mobile, Tablet and Desktop sizes
  • On the Navigation, the logo is align to the bottom instead of being centred. Buttons also have a gab on the bottom of the nav bar, I’d centre vertically like the logo and change the font to something more softer with a bigger font size
  • The nav bar seems to have a margin on the top and on the left while the right seems to be 0. You should make both left and right having the same margin.
  • Too much text per line in the About us section, I’d reduce the container to half so that the text is easier to read. Also add more paragraphs between the text instead of just one giant paragraph.
  • Currently there’s no video, should it be something there?
  • I’d add a footer, even if it is just a small copyright section

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedbacks @alexiorodrigues i will follow your suggestions as its part of learning and am sure it will help me as i did not finish my project yet i just wanted some feedback about my progress @shimphillip the article is SUPPER SUPPER awesome.

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