Product Landin Page

Hello fellow esteemed campers,
My Product Landing Page is just about done. I would appreciate if you could appraise
my PLP and offer thoughts or points where you think necessary. Thank you.


That’s pretty good! :slight_smile:

Improvement ideas:

  • use <a href=""> around <li> not inside. On little screen, you display the li like buttons. If you do this, the button willbe clickable, not only the text!
  • Why puttinid="weare" on the h3 newsletter form? And the id="wedo" on h3 we are ? Maybe a mistake?
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Oh my God! This is just my opinion but i think is amazing! This was the first impression i had when i first look!

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I get your points.
The first i will rectify.
The second point
Perhaps my hurry to submit didn’t make me do a good cross check.

Thank you. I appreciate.

No worries! :slight_smile: It’s perfectly normal! Good luck!

I think the first point you raised concerning the wrapping anchor tags around list items is noted and will consider it moving forward. So i’m persuaded to leave it that way for the purpose of this project. Thanks

It looks amazing! Great job! :clap:

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