Product Landing Help needed

Can anyone please tell me why my (list-style-type, display and position properties) are NOT WORKING??


Try list-style instead of list-style-type and see whether that fixes your problem!

You also misspelled position.

Thanx for replying . I did change them, results same :frowning:

Link your code-pen. I or someone can take a look!

Please HELP !!

the .nav-link elements are anchor elements, not li elemnts, you need to select the li elements in some way

(don’t give the class to the li elements, you fail an user story in that way)
(you can give a new class to the li elements, or just select the li elements directly with li {...}


Yes it worked but i’m still confused were to put ( position: sticky) .
Thank you .

to the #nav-bar element I imagine

No it is not working…

I don’t know what’s going on if I can’t see your project
Please try again.

instead of sticky, use fixed

also, be sure that it is the #header element, or one of its children

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Yes it worked and looks ugly lol…

keep working and trying until it looks nice, and maybe remove all the positions for the children of #header

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