Product Landing Page (3rd project)

Hi All,

After taking a long break, finally getting back on track with coding again. Just finished the 3rd project. Please leave any feedback.


You did a really good job.

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Nice job!

The font is a little too hard for me to read (I’m sort of one of those ‘edge cases’ lol) and the header seems awfully tiny compared to the rest of the text.

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Nice job! I like the style a lot. Great use of sections and background image.

Some tips I would offer are:

  • Be careful using ids more than once (#submit on each of the buttons; it doesn’t actually cause any errors usually but it is considered best practice to use class when trying to target multiple elements and reserve id for single uses.
  • For the dog logo, im assuming you would want it to link home or something like that. If that’s the case the you would want to add alt=“home page” or something like that to it that has meaning to someone that might not be able to see it well.

Keep up the good work!

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