Product landing page! (3rd project)

please provide feedback!

personally I think your nav-bar consuming too much screen size. If you make the logo a bit smaller and arrange it into a row, it’ll be better in my opinion.

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Thanks for your feedback! I agree with your suggestion!

I haven’t tested out the desktop version yet, on my phone atm. But from what I see, it isn’t responsive at all, as the wish of the columns are super tiny, and the text all wrap inside of them. And the main banner and body contents are too wide for smaller screens

So I would say to try and make the page responsive for all screen sizes, especially on mobile. And also to give your divs some padding to give your text some breathing room.

Other than that, everything else looks good, I’m sure the desktop one looks great.

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  • The logo at the top is broken. This happens to me all the time as well when I upload it to imgur and use it in CodePen. It will still appear fine to you because it’s in your cache.

  • Check the prices. If I use full screen each container is aligned in 1 single column. There’s a lot of space you’re not using there, why not have them next to each other?

  • If I scale down even slightly the device containers totally break down. One way of solving that is adding a min-width.

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