Product Landing Page #4 and #5

Please help! I’ve have tried to fix numbers 4 and 5 all day!

Product Landing Page (

Hi @Glenda9031 !

You have some syntax errors that are preventing you from passing tests.

Here is the first failing test.
There are not at least 3 elements with a class of “nav-link” within the #nav-bar element : expected 2 to be at least 3

When I look at your code I see this

  <nav id="nav-bar"
    <a href="#portfolio" class="nav-link">Portfolio</a>

You have a syntax error that needs fixing because something is missing.
Once you fix that then the test will pass.

Here is the other failing test
The .nav-link with href="#products" is not linked to a corresponding element on the page : expected null to not equal null

You wrote this

  <section id="projects"></section>

Once you fix that, then the test will pass.

Whenever you have errors, triple check to make sure your syntax is correct and carefully read through the error messages.

Also, running your code through the codepen html and css analyzers will help catch errors too.

Hope that helps!

Product Landing Page (

<nav id="nav-bar" [Portfolio](

I still cannot identify the syntax error.

I made a change to -

and this change brought me to 15/16

How would I get to the screenshot you have attached?

Thank you!

Pay close attention here

  <nav id="nav-bar"

Is that the proper way to write an opening tag?
Isn’t there something missing at the end :grinning:

For the codepen analyze tools, you will need to click on the dropdown button and choose the analyze option.
That will highlight the syntax errors in your code.

Got it!!

I can’t believe I missed that!

Thank you!

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