Product Landing Page--all feedback appreciated

Hey guys,

Ive been trying to change careers for a while now and move into web develeopment. I went part time in my current job, and trying to learn in newly found spare time.
I do have some experience with design, but Ive never done anything web related. Im trying to put together a portfolio and I thought FCC projects could be a good starting point.

I would appreciate some feedback regarding my landing page. I would appreciate if someone could give me a more indepth opinion about it, maybe take a look at the markup itself? Point out the good, the bad and the ugly?

Thanks in advance,

https: //codepen. io/EmilPlacheta/full/MxedvX. —(forum is not letting me post links yet, had to cheat…)

Nice design! Here are few suggestions that I can think of.

  • Give some side paddings to your email input box. Currently entering in text starts at the border of input box.
  • Change cursor when mouse hovers on Order Now button.
  • Put your name by your copyright year.
  • Make footer nav menus horizontal instead of vertical.

Good job! :+1:

First thing I like to do is run my code through the W3 markup validator to iron out any kinks in my HTML. Here’s the link to it ->

That’s an easy way to clean up the HTML.

In terms of branding and marketing from a landing page point of view - you need to offer a compelling Call To Action, rather than just “sign up with your email”. There’s no context. A landing page needs to sum up what you do and why it’s awesome in a sentence or two. There needs to be some sort of benefit to giving away your email … perhaps it’s $5.00 off your first order … etc. I know this probably ficticious, but just trying to help with the concept.

And colour’s are always a tricky one. Your background image doesn’t really blend well with the blue colours you have for your brand and the text. Here’s a pretty cool article on design and colour theory -> I’m no expert at it, but I know it matters and when it’s done right it just makes a site feel more professional. These things are hard to explain but are more just felt - which is probably why most people have such a hard time explaining to developers to make a site “pop” out or feel “softer” :laughing:

Hope that helps?