Product Landing Page - any feedback appreciated!

Howdy campers!

Here’s my attempt at creating a Product Landing Page:

Although the brief recommends not using JQuery, I added in a small/simple script to offset anchor navigation for the fixed header (it was annoying the heck out of me!).

And yes, I did go to the effort of making own video. I clearly have too much time on my hands at the moment :smiley:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


looks pretty good to me, 10/10 for making your own video thats awesome


Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

It is nice and funny! The video is very cool :smiley:

Just some minor tips:
Probably the landing page itself should cover the full viewport. In CSS height: 100vh;
The footer should have more contrast so it gets easier to read its contents.

Pretty stuff you made! Well done!


Thanks for the feedback @Hash2C.

I was thinking that about the footer myself, I’ll try tweaking the colours or background.

With regard to the landing page covering the full viewpoint, where do I add the height: 100vh;, to the body?

Hi @cakeisaliegaming, you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

So I just looked a little deeper to the code. As far I can tell, you want to

  • remove the height from body, html
  • set the height on the #about div
  • remove the top margin of .main

Then you could remove all the margins from #about and turn it into a flexbox. You are already using that concept in other parts, I would definitely consider extending it to the #about element. Even further, I would consider applying the concept to the whole page, it seems to be perfect for the layout you chose.

Here is my reference when I need to recall some concepts of Flexbox - CSS guide

If I remember correctly, the only good reason not to use Flexbox these days is if you have some very particular browser compatibility constrains. You can always check on CanIUse - Flexbox

Hope it helped :smile:

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Thanks again @Hash2C, I really appreciate the help/feedback.

After having another play with my page, I understand what you mean now! Flexbox seems like a very a powerful tool for managing layouts.

Well your page is Awesome instead of giving suggestion i want to ask how did you created the video.
don’t mind my question as i am new

Thanks! Someone else asked me this question, so I feel that I may have inadvertently implied that I 3D rendered the video! It’s actually footage I recorded of me playing Elite: Dangerous and messing around with the game’s built-in camera suite. I edited it all together in Vegas Pro.

In fact, the whole page is a homage to Elite: Dangerous and full of silly in-jokes :smiley:

Wow great. You have done great work

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