Product Landing Page Border War

Here is a link to my product landing page project: As you can see, I put a background image and this created a margin that i don’t have the ability to turn black. I unfortunately submitted this without realizing the above. I’m an old man (48) and an old pirate which perhaps led me to believe I had some aptitude for this. As kludgy as this looks, it still passed the user story parameters - but i still want to make it a usable page - how to turn the border black? (and further suggestions)

thank you for your time

Try changing /adding this background-color property to the body selector inside of your CSS.

body {
background-color : #000000;

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So simple… Steep learning curve with some of this for me. Still, every day I get a little less ignorant. Thank you for replying and helping me out, somaevets

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No problem. The simple problems are usually the most tricky ones to solve because they’re the easiest to overlook. CSS is a little finicky at first, so keep at it and it will click in no time.

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