Product Landing Page BROTE

Hey guys, just finished my landing page. Just wanted yo know what do you think!
And Merry Christmas!

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Hey @Flormcalvo!
Good work with the product landing page.

  • I really like the color theme. It goes well with the context
  • The page design is minimalist as the context
  • One can navigate smoothly through it

If I were to really try to say something naggative about it, I’d say that:

  • the navbar breaks under a certain width - 347px (I don’t know if there are devices that require that width though…)
  • you could add a little more context into it, make it look a little more of a real page (I know that this is not required for the challenge)

I have to say. I really really like the color change animation on the hover effect for the navbar logo.
Very good work!

Keep on coding :wink:

Hello @wallachian! Thanks so much for taking the time to review my project :slight_smile: and for all your nice coments.
I fixed the navbar, I did a bit of research, and iPhone 5 has a width of 320px, so I changed some values and now it works perfect! (how did you know the breaking point? that would be very useful to know)
Ah yes, the context will be added once I finish the portfolio challenge haha, you’re right.

Again, thanks so much, you have been really helpful!

It looks nice and relaxing. I like the touch of the social media icons in the footer.

My only thought would be to some how visually differentiate the top rows from the lower rows of page elements so it looks less like a stack of bricks on the page, and has more visual interest in terms of layout.

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I’ve only started learning front-end for almost 2 months, so there may be more organized/ingenious ways of testing a website’s responsiveness. I use the latest version Mozilla, and press CTRL + SHIFT + M. This opens up the responsive design mode. On the top of the page will be displayed the length and width of your current page, and some template devices drop-down which will instantly change the page dimensions to the corresponding device’s. You can then play with the bottom right corner of the page to change the dimensions.

Responsive design mode can be opened also by accessing page inspector (F12) and clicking the phone icon on the right (mozilla). This may be the only way you can open it in Chrome from my research.

Happy holidays and keep on coding :wink:


@Flormcalvo You have created a very well made page. There is little to improve upon.

  • I suggest centering the three images in the middle of the page.
  • And strongly suggest changing the text from Lorum ipsum to something else.
  • Increase the size of the font inside of id B_home perhaps.
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