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I’m confused about using a url in a img src tag.
Where would I store my own images/logos etc and how to get a direct url to place in the src=“”
Do I need to build a path to my hard drive somewhere? I tried putting the logo on my mediafire account and generating a link from there but it doesn’t show in the browser.
I can get a link for any image off a google search and the url works but no idea how to link to my own images/logos
I’ve googled for hours on the subject and can’t find a straight answer.
If I’m building my own project on my own computer using VScode etc it’s easy to provide a path to the directory of the image but what I really want to figure out is using a web based url to embed an image.

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/* file: index.html */
<header id="header">
<img id="header-img" src="">

/* file: styles.css */

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Challenge: Product Landing Page - Build a Product Landing Page

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good question.

As you noticed, you can link to files on your own machine but you want a place to put your images/files online. This is where web-hosting comes in.

What you need is a server somewhere on the internet that you can put your code and images/other files in so that people online can access them.
One such place if you are building a static website is GitHub Pages (google it to see more).

Another place for building dynamic web apps is Heroku.

Basically if you google the words ‘web hosting service’ you will get many results, most of which will require a monthly payment from you but the above two (and others that you can google for) also have free tiers for people who are not doing any commercial work.

hope this helps

thanks for such a quick reply.
I just figured out how to get a url from my mediafire account and it was by copying the
download link instead of the view link, which was a bit confusing but I got there in the end.
I haven’t dived into GitHub much yet but it’s on the to do list. Thanks again!

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