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thank you

I mean the logos to the left of ‘Premium Materials’, ‘Fast Shipping’ and ‘Quality Assurance’ though?

I am going to check and see what I can see.

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thank you very much for your help

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I was able to see the code for it by inspecting the sample. But, I did not copy it.

I found some free ones on font awesome, too.

But you can inspect the sample for the codes for the icons if you do not wish to use any from font awesome.

If you use font awesome, make sure to choose free not pro.

You are very welcome.

thanks very much. I am new to ‘inspecting codes’ for things (!), but will try to figure that one out! thanks again for all your help

The font awesome is not working for me, right now, so I do not suggest that one.

To inspect the sample, just right click on it, and then, choose inspect, (if you are using firefox) or the equivalent in other browsers. Then, go down and choose to look at the hero area.

I hope this helps you.
If not, make a new post and ask for help for the icons, please? Post your complete codes with the question please.

Happy coding!

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