Product Landing Page by Porphyrogennitos


I was finally able to finish the 3rd project. I’ve learned a lot doing these 3 projects and now I’ll continue to the fourth.

But before that, I’d like you to tell me your opinions about this page.

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Hi @Porphyrogennitos !

I think your page looks good.

You might consider adding a background color for the navbar and making the buttons a little smaller.

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Your page looks good @Porphyrogennitos. Something to revisit

  • Placeholder text should show the user the format they are to enter their info in. It should not mirror the label text.
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What do you mean? Instead of placeholder="Name", I should put placeholder="text"?

You did this

You should do this

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No, I mean the placeholder text should show the user the format to enter.
For instance, the label is Email the placeholder text would be something like not the same thing as the label.

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