Product Landing Page by shola

Hey everyone, I just completed my Product Landing page project with css grid and flex and scss, would love to hear some feedback on what I did right and what I could improve!

Hey there, looks amazing . but some of my suggestions are these:

  • use this website to get some nice fonts to make the website even better!
  • Put a layer above images to make them darker. i usually use rgba(0,0,0,0.5) on the layer. depends of course on the colors you want to use
  • in the section where you say our products are afordable the background is blurry. I know that finding an image of this size is hard , but you can use small images (50x50) for example that are patterns and use the background-repeat:repeat option to get the pattern in higher resolution

I liked however the about Device section and the featured devices. as well as the consistency that the website has

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thanks for your suggestions I will work on it ASAP

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Here are some resources to help you with what i recommend in this review:

First its very nice, fix thinks i recommend:

This picture banner for the “our products are affordable” looks weird and fails to break up the page. Just use a normal color background. The contact section text over image is too small and not the right font. Shouldn’t it be capitalized?

The affordable smartphones image is stretched, and the button text is hard to read.

Whats the difference between the products and pricing section? that should all be in one

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