Product Landing Page (BYU Creamery) Feedback

This is my Product Landing Page
Please, give me feedback.


Hi! Your code looks nice and clean and I love the neapolitan background colors! I really like the gradients on the section headers. It’s also very pleasantly responsive. I’d say this is a job very well done!


Wow… Beautiful and creative UI… The font matches the website theme… Though it lacks navigation which affects the easiness of using the page… Otherwise great work

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Thank you, bmutebi for your advice! Could you explain me :woman_shrugging: how can I more improve navigation on the website?

I didn’t see a navigation on the mobile version… I’m using a mobile to access it… Anyway, since it’s a short page, I think it can still be better without it…

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Now I understand. Thank you! I will think about menu for mobile version of the website.