Product Landing Page: Cake Maker

I’ve decided to make a landing page based around my wife’s cakes that she makes in her spare time.

This probably took me longer than it should have but really worked hard to make sure it was responsive and things were aligning right.

I also used the W3 validator as recommended on last project.

Really appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Should note the video I got from pexels and is not my wifes but I didn’t have a video :slight_smile:


Hey @rsheppard83!

Great job!

The only thing that I noticed was that when I resized the browser window the image and heading looked a little off center.

Other than that, great job!

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Thank you.

I have centered image and text although might need to adjust exact point that picture wraps to a new line.

I am struggling to get the words to center independently rather than as a collective which looks a bit odd.

Hi @rsheppard83, there are errors in your CSS that affect how your page displays.
Put your project into a pen. Codepen provides a validator for CSS. Click on the down arrow in the upper right and then click on the ‘Analyze’ link.

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Thanks Roma

I did run it through the W3 validator and it passed.

Code pen is flagging up scroll-margin-top which seems to be written correctly and is working in live view. I don’t think IE supports it but it doesn’t support codepen either.

I’m using it to adjust the anchors because of the fixed header so not sure if there is a better practice for that.