Product Landing page CG

Hello everyone, here is my third project. It took me several days to do it, when I started it I did not realize that the content that I was going to put on my website was too much, but I decided to finish it because it was a good way to learn new things, in addition to making several mistakes and learning from them. In short, it was fun and I learned a lot, although the journey just started. I await your feedbacks. Regards!!

hi @Emmavz

just a quick review

  • your HTML have some coding errors
  • only small mistake at your css on the atrributegrid-area: bronze;
  • if youre not intended to have white space on every sides of your page, add margin: 0; to your body element.

happy coding

Thanks for your review, I have already corrected the blanks on the sides and the small error in the CSS that you marked me. I will try to improve it.

Overall i’ll say it’s great, really liked that carousell effect, a thing that i noticed is that you wrote the head tag in the html codepen section, you can do this too if you click on settings > stuff for head, i know i’m not being super helpful, but the code is great.

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