Product Landing Page-Complete

Hello fellow Campers,

I have finished my attempt at an imaginary product landing page. Feel free to look and provide feedback. I also made a simple button on the footer with the freeCodeCamp logo to hide and show the testing button on the top left of the page (The testing hamburger is kinda ugly and I didn’t want it to cover over my product logo). My Product Page Thank you for taking the time to look at it, hope you all are staying safe and learning.


I liked the design but if you add height: auto; and padding-bottom to the footer will look better. Try to take care of spacing between pages and sections in the website, it is very important for the UI Design. Good Luck!

Page looks good @emirleovelazquez. I can see you put a lot of thought into it. Couple of things;

  • when clicking on any link in your navbar the top of the section the user is brought to is covered by the navbar. Perhaps a little padding on top would help.
  • check that the email field is filled in and pop-up and error if it is not when the user clicks the submit button. You learned how to do that when you did the survey form.