Product Landing Page Complete

I’ve completed my product landing! This means I have one more project to do before I attain my Responsive Web Design Certification. I’ve done pretty much what I’ve done for the past three projects I did. I’ll leave it to you guys to explore!

(All images and promotional content in my website were made by me with Canva, or other digital design software)

I hope to receive some feedback and your thoughts on it!

Little King - Product Landing Page
Source Code


+1 for effort. Did you also work on the brand design plus the promotional video? +2 for effort.

The only thing I would advice is to reduce the number of event listeners in a JavaScript file. The eat up memory, can slow performance down, are a nightmare to maintain and, in the worst case, interfere with each other.

You can often consolidate event listeners into a few. For example your video controls could be handled by a single listener that watches a target value and adapts to the user’s actions.

Good stuff, you have already skilled up a lot, let’s see what you can build during the advanced courses.

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I forgot to mention that all the Images and promotional stuff are mine. I made the the promotional video in canva, the Tshirts are actually my mom’s which she sells online (which I edited to suit my website), and the logo, also designed by me!

I didn’t know that event listeners use up memory. Thanks for the notes and information! @DanielHuebschmann