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I’m starting this project. I assume that besides creating HTML, CSS is also required for this challenge. Is that correct? How much duplication of the CSS should I do based on the example that is given? Doing an inspect of the page shows ‘user agent stylesheet’ which I assume comes from codepen. Is that correct?

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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  1. Yes, the project has requirements for CSS. Also, a page isn’t much fun to look at without any CSS, especially not a product page.

  2. No duplication. The example project is just that, an example. You are not supposed to re-create it.

  3. The user agent stylesheet is the default style all browsers come with. The default styles may vary from browser to browser (which is why you might reset or normalize the styles).

Thanks for the response. Looks like I need to go back over the CSS part of the course…


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