Product landing page done

I have competed my product landing page project. I would be very grateful for comments, feedback and criticism.

Thank you


Looks good :slight_smile:
I would make the #main image have min-height:100vh so that it covers the entire landing view. ( that’s just me)
Also when I switch to mobile view, the navbar contact link get’s pushed off the navbar into the dark image background, playing around with the CSS should fix that.
Otherwise, good job !!
(Joe Satriani rules!)

I liked the pink header with the black background. I resized to a mobile view and it still looked good. Congratulations!

I am a little picky here, but every landing page has an objetive and yours is to collect e-mails from potential guitar buyers. Your e-mail input show be the on the first section of your website to be visible to all visitors and be able to collect more e-mails. Not all of your visitors will scroll to the last portions of your website.


Thank you. I took your advice and changed the min-height: 100vh. Have to say it does aesthetically look a bit more pleasing.
As for the contact link it seems to be working fine on my end. I will give it go again though.

Thanks again and Joe Satriani does rule. :metal:

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

You are spot on with the landing page and collecting email section. Initially I had the form in the first section. Along side the main image. But , I later decided to position it in the final section. Your logic of why it should have been in the main section makes great sense.
I will reconsider and change accordingly.


If I go into Dev mode on chrome and switch to iPhone se for example, it looks like this.


Hmm, I see it now. Thanks again. Will work on it. :slight_smile:

Edit: I worked on it. Much better now. Also thank you for mentioning the dev tools to switch views for mobile. Googled it and found out the feature. So much more helpful making the sites responsive.