Product landing page error 5

Hello, I can not find where I made mistake. When I run tests, it shows mistake in Task no 5 (about links). Could someone help me to find what is wrong in a code?

Hi there,

What’s happening is that you have put name=“features” for your anchor tags but what it is expecting is that you should have an id, so change the name attributes to id attributes e.g the name='features’would become id=‘features’

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thank you. Now it’s much more clear :wink: But it is still error in code

Hi there,

It is because you have the nav-link class in both the li element and the anchor element.

You need to remove the nav-link class from the li elements.

So your class=‘active nav-link’ would become class=‘active’

Good luck :smiley:

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When I run your code test I see mutiple error
No 5
Need an input element with type set to email and should have the attribute required
And name email

There is Select Test Suite:
Choosing Product Landing Page.
No errors anymore. Now working on parts, which I do not like in the code.

Yeap you’re right it’s all passed I change it to products landing page

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